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Revised 2/08/2004

Appliance Warranties: Warranties for your kitchen appliances expired in February 1994. The following information will be helpful in assisting you if appliance service is needed:

Carpet Cleaning... 5C Carpet Cleaning 368-2166

Limo Service... Hot Lava Limousine 396-8688

Jacuzzi (American Standard) 1-800-442-1902 (2650 Series with Ultrasence Plus Control System)

Gaggenau Appliances…Appliance Service Group 845-7506 / King Appliance 637-7896

Magic Chef Microwave… Appliance Service Group 845-7506

Sub Zero Refrigerator…Kings Appliance 637-7896 (500 Series)

Waste King Disposal…Creative Plumbing 841-2837

Frigidaire Washer & Dryer…Ace Family 737-2346 (LCE 752L / LCG 751L)

KWC Faucets, cartridges, fixtures…Nauru Tower Manager 592-1200

General Maintenance…painting, plumbing, electrical, etc…Nauru Tower Manager 592-1200

Drains… Mr. Rooter, Ph. 926-2999

Air Conditioner unit…Trane Pacific Service 845-9791 / Pur Air 485-0410
(For repairs beyond air filter replacements provided by the Association)

bulletThe above-mentioned contractors are recommended due to the specific servicing that your high-quality appliance require.  This is only on a basis of recommendation.  The Nauru Tower Association does not endorse these companies in any way. 

Jacuzzi: MAKE: American Standard
MODEL: Ultrasense Whirlpool Control

Operating Instructions:

  1. Fill whirlpool until all jets are covered with water.
  2. Touch bath mounted on/off plate to start whirlpool system. Whirlpool will not start without sufficient water in bath.
  3. Touch bath mounted on/off plate a second time to stop whirlpool.
  4. Control water turbulence by adjusting air volume control(s).

JACUZZI HOURS OF OPERATION: 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. DAILY (see HR:D4)

Air Conditioner: Your apartment is equipped with a Submetering System that will allocate the usage of your air conditioner unit and electricity separately. A billing statement will be sent to the owner or agent in charge from Hawaiiana Management. For billing inquiries please call Hawaiiana Management at 593-6886.

Lights: Replacement of lights in your unit can be purchased at any specialty light store.

Light Information:      
Track Lights JD1073
150 W DC 


12V 50W
Bathroom Fixture F13DTT / 27K
Base GX23-2
Subzero Refrigerator Light 40 Watt / 3-30-004-0 (GE)
Tubular Lamp
Paints: The following are paints used for your unit:
Interior ceilings (rooms): Latex Flat (Cielo Blanco)
Textured paint for ceiling was discontinued.
Interior walls: W9200 Egg shell acrylic enamel (Cielo Blanco)
Doors and panels: 119 Flat varnish (Clear)


You may purchase paints at Ameritone Paint Corp., 2312 Kamehameha Hwy. Ph.# 841-3693.

Please note that original paint may have faded. Touch-ups with new paint may cause two-tone color.

Lockout / Authorized Opening for Contractor(s) / Vendor(s): See house rules for details.

Re-keying and Deadbolts:  

bulletAffordable Lock & Key, 943-1425
bulletRusty's Lock & Key, 723-4531

Be aware that the original key is the only key that can utilize certain common areas in the building such as the tennis court, loading dock and restrooms located on the 1st floor.

Move-in / Move-out: Loading dock hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Move-ins or move-outs are not allowed on Sundays or holidays. No exceptions. Please contact security or the manager for scheduling.

Water Bed(s): No waterbeds shall be permitted in any unit in the project.

Cardboard Boxes / Recycling Center: Do not discard cardboard boxes in the trash chute! Please bring your disassembled boxes to the cardboard container at the loading dock.

Glass, Newspaper, and Aluminum are being collected at the loading dock area. Please use the recycling containers provided on each floor in the service room.

Shopping Carts: Nauru Tower shopping carts are for the exclusive use of residents only. Not intended for contractors, vendors or guests. Please return carts to the 2A loading area.

Magazine / Book Recycling: Located at the loading dock. You may contribute and/or acquire reading material from this center.

Enterphone: #____________________

Your telephone number is needed in order to program the enterphone system to allow your guest(s) to enter the elevator area. To let your guest(s) in, press the number 9 on your touch-tone dial pad. This will give them access into the main entrance.

Mail Flag:

A mail sign (Nauru Tower logo) will be posted at the entrance of the mailroom when the mail arrives daily. It will be taken down at 6:00 p.m.

No Dogs Allowed: At a meeting on September 22, 1993, the Board of Directors adopted a resolution that from and after September 22, 1993, the Board would not consent to any request by the apartment owners or occupants of Nauru Tower to keep dogs in any of the apartments.

No dogs allowed except certified guide and signal dogs. Visiting pets are not allowed on premises.

*Since September 22, 1993, (1) one dog (Sheltie) still remains on property.

Gratuity: Nauru Tower employees are not allowed to accept tips. Your appreciation may be expressed by donating to the Nauru Tower Employee Christmas Fund.

Cable TV (Oceanic Cable): Cable television (basic cable channels) is ready for use in your living room area. You must make arrangements with Oceanic Cable for cable service in bedrooms and/or premium channels.  Digital Cable Service and High Speed Internet access (Road Runner) in now available.



Recreation / Party Agreement: Refer to house rules. Registration is required for private parties more than ten persons using the recreational facilities. See attachment for more information.

Jacuzzi / Pool: Jacuzzi and pool are located on the 3rd floor (5B on building B). Hours of operation are 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Refer to house rules for policies. PROPER ATTIRE IS TO BE WORN WHILE IN TRANSIT THROUGH THE MAIN LOBBY AND CORRIDORS. SWIMMERS PLEASE DRY OFF BEFORE ENTERING BUILDING. Please shower before entering pool / Jacuzzi. Shower located next to Jacuzzi.

Tennis Court: Tennis court is located on the 7th floor (7B). Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Refer to the house rules for policies. Use your unit key to gain access.

Barbecue: The barbecue area is located on the 7th floor next to the tennis court. Hours of operation are 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Please clean up the area after you have used the grills. Note: The buckets provided are for used hot charcoal. Open fires, including portable gas/briquette fires are not permitted elsewhere in the project. Charcoal and lighter fluid is located at the 7th floor picnic deck for your convenience. DO NOT STORE FLAMMABLE SUPPLIES IN YOUR STORAGE. Please see security to gain access to storage bin. Donation of BBQ supplies is greatly appreciated.

Rental / Unit Care: Hawaiian & Relocation, Inc. has relocated to1888 Kalakaua, C309, Waikiki Landmark, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96815. 
Please call 979-2801 for more information.

Financial Planning: Your Retirement Company, Ltd. is located at the 5B poolside. Offering retirement, planning estate preservation and long-term health care. For more information please call Milton G. Miyakawa at 593-3220.


Guest Parking: There are 10 guest-parking stalls located on level 3B of the garage. These stalls are identified as C-20 through C-30 and are all located on the Diamond Head side of the garage. DO NOT PARK IN GUEST PARKING IF YOU ARE A RESIDENT. Stalls C-31 through C-41 are for the exclusive use of COMMERCIAL GUESTS. Tandem stalls C-42 through C-71 are for the exclusive use for commercial space # 9.

Overnight Parking: If you will be having an overnight guest and they would like to utilize the guest parking, it is required to get an overnight parking pass from security or the manager. Overnight parking passes are good for one (1) night, limited to three (3) nights in one (1) week (Sunday – Saturday). Additional Stalls can be rented depending on its availabity.

Bicycles / Surfboards: Bicycles and surfboards over 7ft. are not allowed in the main lobby or in the passenger elevators. When transporting a bicycle or surfboard, the freight elevator must be used. Bicycle racks are located at 2A and 2B garage levels. Surfboards may be kept in your parking stall until further notice.

Circular Driveway: Both residents and guests for short stops such as loading and unloading hand-carried items may use the circular driveway parking area around the front of the building. It is limited to a maximum period of 30 minutes. Registration is required.


Security is available 24 hours a day, 7 day per week. Call security if you smell smoke, loud noises, another car is parked in your stall, water overflow, etc. Please do not call security for appliance, toilet or drain problems, light replacement, etc.

Emergency Evacuation: Notify the manager’s office of anyone in your unit who may need assistance in case of an emergency evacuation. We can only be of assistance if we are aware of your situation. Emergency evacuation procedures may be obtained at the Manager’s office. (592-1200)

Panic Button: THIS BUTTON IS FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY. By pressing the button in your bedroom(s), you will alert security. Security is trained to contact you via a telephone call, and a visual check at your door. If security receives no answer to both, the manager may authorize entry into your unit. Please inform family members and guests of the emergency panic buttons.

Smoke Detectors: Smoke and dust will set off your smoke detector. After you have determined there is no threat of fire and would like to turn off your activated detector, your must disconnect it by removing the smoke detector fixture and unplugging the connection. Call security if you need assistance. (592-1203)


Security Access Cards: Extra cards require a $50.00 refundable deposit. Replacement of lost or damaged cards requires another $50.00 deposit per card. Do not bend, fold or otherwise mistreat your card. Direct heat and prolonged exposure to sunlight will also damage the card. For your convenience, the Management Office now has security access key tags. Please see the manager for further details.

Elevators: If you happen to get stuck in any of our ten (10) elevators, DO NOT PANIC! There is a telephone in each cab.

  1. Pick up the receiver; it will automatically call Thyssen Krupp  Elevator.
  2. Tell the operator that you are:

At Nauru Tower, in elevator #_____, and to please notify security. A service technician will be sent immediately (24-hour service).



592-1200 / Nauru Tower Manager’s Office (Mon.-Fri. from 8:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

592-1203 / Nauru Tower Security (24 hours)

593-9100 / Hawaiiana Management (property management company)

911 / Police, Fire, Ambulance

941-4411 / Poison Center

833-2849 / National Weather Service

527-5475 / Civil Defense

625-8100 / Oceanic Cable

625-8200 / Repair Service Center (Cable)

625-8282 / Hotline (Cable)

643-4411 / Verizon

538-6397 / Star Bulletin / Advertiser Newspaper

E-mail / nauru@aloha.net

ATM - Located in the main lobby

Snack / soda machines - Located near the loading dock area (1st floor)

Recycling center – Located near loading dock area (1st floor)

Magazine / Book recycling – Residents to donate and borrow magazine(s) / book(s). Located near loading dock area.




Revised February 08, 2004






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