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NOTICE - October 9, 2003

The next phase of construction at Nauru Tower will begin October 20th. On that day, at 8:00 am, the Pensacola Street / Waimanu Street ramp will be closed, including the opening at the Porte Cochere (Circle Driveway) level. However, authorized traffic to the loading dock and the lower parking entrance will continue.
A new security card reader will be installed inside the lower level parking area near the gate to control authorized traffic as required by the Department of Transportation (DOT). When activated, only large vehicles that can not fit through our parking garage will have authorization on the security card reader(s). All other vehicles will use the parking structure to enter and exit off the Porte Cochere (Circle Driveway) level, using the Ala Moana entrance / exit. This will be a temporary situation while the construction of the Koolani parking structure is in progress. 
We expect that the Koolani parking structure will be complete in about a year. At that time, all residents will have complete access to the lower parking entrance / exit once again. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause for some residents however; exiting through the emergency fire lane onto Ala Moana Boulevard as well as using the back route to Waimanu Street are both very hazardous. Therefore, according to construction permits, in addition to providing safety for all, the amount of vehicle traffic must be limited.
We are still awaiting the necessary permits from the DOT for temporary use of the emergency fire lane for deliveries and lower level authorized vehicle access. In the event that permission is not granted, the lower Waimanu Street / Pensacola Street entrance / exit will be temporarily used for access. If the next phase of construction requires closing the lower Waimanu Street / Pensacola Street entrance / exit and the Ala Moana Boulevard emergency fire lane has not been approved, a temporary road will be built at the back of Nauru Tower for authorized vehicles to access the loading dock. In any case, there will be sufficient access to and from Nauru Tower for everyone.
Wed like to remind owners, residents and guests to anticipate more traffic at the Porte Cochere (Circle Driveway) and at all entrances and exits to and from Nauru Tower. Please use vehicle head lights while driving through the parking structure. As always, guest parking is limited; therefore, owners and residents please refrain from parking in guest parking stalls, as stated in the Nauru Tower House Rules. In addition, due to fire code regulations, parking will no longer be available on the Ala Moana Boulevard entrance / exit ramp. Vehicles that are not able to find parking in designated guest stalls will be turned away by security and recommended to seek spaces on Waimanu Street.
The board of directors and management of Nauru Tower appreciate your cooperation in this time of adjustment. We will post notices as new developments are scheduled or if there are any changes. We thank you for your patience and continued understanding!
-John Breinich



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