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On February 7, 2004, after nearly two (2) months of construction, Nauru Tower management was pleased to announce the reopening of the pool. We were delighted with the overwhelming response to our newly constructed pool area. However, we still have areas of concern and a list of items awaiting adjustment.

Please be aware that the pool's surface has been waterproofed with a clear sealer and is slippery when wet. Currently, we are investigating this issue and will resolve it as soon as possible. As stated in the Nauru Tower House Rules and for the safety of yourself and others, there is, absolutely no running on the (pool) deck.

The makai jacuzzi is currently out of service until necessary parts arrive from the mainland.

As a reminder, please follow these rules while in the pool area:

bulletHours of operation are from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.
bulletAlways rinse off prior to entering the pool or jacuzzi.
bulletGuests are not permitted in the pool area or recreational areas unless accompanied by a responsible Nauru Tower resident.
bulletRunning, pushing, shoving, boisterous loud conduct or loud playing of radios is not permitted.
bulletNo food or drinks of any kind will be permitted in the immediate area of the pool or jacuzzi.
bulletRefrain from the use of glass bottles, ceramics, chinaware or other breakable items in the pool area. If broken, these items can be potentially harmful to yourself and others.
bulletSwimming is allowed only in proper swimming apparel. Disposable or cloth diapers are NOT permitted in the pool or jacuzzi. Infants require a "swim diaper" while in the pool or jacuzzi. A swim diaper is NOT a typical diaper. It is a tight fitting nylon or latex alternative that does not disintegrate in water. Please, although cute, naked babies are NOT allowed in the pool or jacuzzi. If an accident should occur in the pool/jacuzzi, the state requires the pool/jacuzzi to be shut down for a minimum of 24 hours to sanitate the water. 
bulletPregnant mothers, please consult a physician prior to entering a jacuzzi.
bulletThe use of the outdoor shower is for rinsing off. If you are using personal soaps and shampoos, please do so in the designated restroom facility.

Nauru Tower Management

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